What female manipulation method have you ever used in the past (or known of) to make a woman like you?

Recently I have come across the terms
1) "push-pull" concept (Apparently this is what commitment-phobe use to get any girl they want)
for example : "You greet the woman every day and tell her she has got a nice smile then all of a sudden you stop doing it"

(want to know more about commitment-phobe, this is a nice article commitment-phobe men )

*Anyway, don't try it, people! This is the type of unhealthy relationship full of drama. ( A relationship should feel supportive, loving and honest) *

2) Reverse- Psychology
for example " please do not think of think of us as a couple (or friend with benefits)"

3) Fractionation
read more fractionation

Those were very interesting research. ( Being someone very observant, I have found that some guys used it ( the question I asked myself is "are they aware of what they are doing?" ) )

So people , do you know any other female manipulation methods that exist? If so, I think it would be cool if you share your stories?

RoseOfUniverse  (Level 3)
04 Jan 2018 00:08, updated
13 Nov 2016, published
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gices  (Level 5)
15 Nov 2016 15:22

While I do not condone manipulation techniques as they are purely acts of treachery and deceit, I do however believe good intentions may sometimes fall into that category.

Let's say a guy is being friendzoned and the girl falls for someone more attractive but the former still carries on caring about the girl hoping she'll see he's a better match for her and after months (years?) of being unable to break that friend barrier, he decides to let go (bring all interaction to a minimum so he can move on). Would that be considered push-pull?

If your intentions are good, then whatever label you give to the techniques involved is not important in my opinion.

And your intentions can only be good if they are not about you but rather about the other person concerned.

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RoseOfUniverse  (Level 3)
15 Nov 2016 18:48

No, the push-pull is more like you give her the attention then as soon the woman get close..the person act like he does not give a damn....then he start giving the attention again.(it might make the woman second-guess herself like "is he attract to me or not" and starting giving the guy more and more attention than she has obviously done before.)

good intention to who?(the girl or himself..from what it seems, there is an amount of immaturity to deal with that particular situation)

The case you just told me indicate that the guy might have avoidant issue.
Avoidant Personality Disorder
Instead of communicating his feeling to that person( which is hard and there is that fear of rejection), he decides to run from it.
(Who knows the girl might actually have feeling for the guy but thought that the guy might not have feeling for her and decide to actually go out with the next sexy guy. It is really hard to understand someone.)
But yeah, by communicating his feeling, in case of rejection, he might approach the girl that he cares for her but he needs some distance(to heal himself) before talking to her again.
The way he approached the issues might have done many damages to the relationship which probably already give an indication of what he would do when he has relationship issues with his partner.

RoseOfUniverse  (Level 3)
16 Nov 2016 21:57

There is something that's I'm currently studying. It's about attachment style. Someone who is currently suffering from unrequited love might have "insecure attachment" (abandonment issues) which usually comes from childhood. Research more on these, it will probably make you very aware of those issues. :) ( I think you will need to do more research on this, you will be amazed by what you will learn !)

6 ways to get past the pain of unrequited love-Psychology Today

parasshivhare  (Level 1)
07 Jul 2017 20:21

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