Should i pay tax for online generated income?

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I'm an internet marketer, i've earned more than $100k online in less than one year. I've recently been contacted by my bank regarding the WIRE transfers i've been receiving and they asked me questions like "Where the money comes from/ Who pays me/ etc".

After answering those questions, I asked them whether these information(Me receiving money online) will go out to MRA or not and they told me that it will only go out if the MRA contacts the bank with a legal notice.

Below are some questions i have:

  1. Are earnings generated online subject to taxation?
  2. If yes, should i declare the exact amount of money i earned to the MRA? Can i understate the amount?
  3. I'm not registered as self-employed, will this cause a problem?
  4. I'm thinking to open an Online Advertising company(LTD), is this possible in Mauritius?

I'll really appreciate if someone can answer my questions.

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keshavmcraze  (Level 1)
20 Feb 2014 00:51, updated
08 Feb 2014, published
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gices  (Level 5)
08 Feb 2014 19:50

First congratulations on your impressive online income.

Regarding your questions:

  1. Any income you receive is taxable. If you haven't declared this money, you will be subjected to a penalty on top of having to pay the tax you owe since you've started earning money online.
  2. Although there may be ways to avoid tax, I wouldn't advise it because it will create more problems for you in the future. Better come clean and not be greedy.
  3. Not being self-employed may not necessarily be a problem but that depends whether you're looking to start a company or not.
  4. You can register any company you want in Mauritius, there's no issue there.

Hope that helps.

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