HSC Private Candidate information

Hello guys,

I wanted to know if anyone recently went for HSC as private candidate please?

let me know what are the procedures and what was your experience? and also what subjects can you choose?

to be frank i've done only SC and today I'm not afraid to say that I am working as a Network Engineer for a very well-known international company. After my SC I jumped directly to the job market as an IT support and started courses Cisco Certifications from CCNA to CCIE (W). Now that I have more than 7 years of experience, I really want to complete my HSC as there are some factors with is blocking me to go ahead (not work) but something like immigration, as SC/HSC is not recognized now, but still I want to go for the HSC. I've seen with many institutions that I can directly opt to a degree program. Is there any expert who can give me an advice here please?

Please anyone who can help me, I will really appreciate.

Thanking you in advance.

net_engineer  (Level 1)
29 May 2017, published
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