Ki bann demars bizin fer pou morcelle enn terrain agricole


Au fait mo enan 1 terrain agricole de 4 Arpent a Phoenix. Recemment in gagne bocu development au tour terrain la. Alors mon pense pu morcelle terrain. Mo ti intereser coner ki ban demarche et cost bizin pu sa projet la.


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09 mars 2017 11:07, update
09 janv. 2017, publiye
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gices  (Nivo 5)
11 janv. 2017 15:00

Ena impe demars pou fer, chek sa link la

  1. Application Form for Morcellement Permit bearing the signature/s of Applicant/s, Owner/s, Co-owners/s on every application form.
  2. Certificate of Notification in respect of application for Morcellement Permit (Specimen A and C) to the effect that a notification plate has been displayed on site
  3. Press Notice in at least 2 daily newspapers during 3 days (Specimen B)
  4. Copy of National Identity Card/s of Applicant/s, Owner/s, Co-owners/s.
  5. Application Form for Planning and Land Use Permit bearing the signature/s and Identity Card No./s of Applicant/s, Owner/s, Co-owners/s on every application form.
  6. Title Deed – (manuscript type should be transcribed by a Notary to make it readable).
  7. A morcellement plan consisting of:
    (A) the site plan drawn up in an appropriate scale, by a Land Surveyor as per the
    provisions of the Land Surveyors Act bearing his signature and seal/stamp,
    (i) the external boundaries and their dimensions;
    (ii) the actual adjoining owners and their Title Deed No;
    (iii) the internal boundaries and their dimensions;
    (iv) the extent of all lots including any surplus of land;
    (v) angles;
    (vi) contour lines (in respect of residential Morcellement);
    (vii) all physical features such as existing buildings, service lines
    (CWA/CEB/WMA), drains, natural water course (feeders, rivulets/rivers with
    relevant reserves) crossing the property, if any;
    (viii) the roads required to give access directly or indirectly to any public road as
    well as any road required for purposes of internal access to all the lots
    comprised in the proposed morcellement together with corresponding
    (ix) the constructional character of the works to be done as well as any
    connection with existing roads, sewers or other works and the lines and
    levels of such works, supported by a statement describing generally the
    works, including the infrastructural works, to be done containing
    specifications of the foundation, forms, thickness and dimensions of the
    (B) A proper location plan with Northline drawn to scale indicating:
    (i) all polluting activities such as poultry farm, stone crushing plant,
    industries, and any sensitive area such as marshy lands, wetlands,
    rivulets/rivers in site neighbourhood;
    (ii) Location of all existing buildings, drains and other prominent features such
    as service poles, bridge etc;
    (iii) Location of existing wastewater disposal on the plots (where applicable).
    (Written agreement required where common wastewater disposal is being
    used by more than one applicant).
  8. A letter from the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security to certify whether a Land Conversion Permit is required or not.
  9. Where applicable:

    • Written consent or any other legal document authorizing a person other than the owner/s to apply on his/her /their behalf

    • Land Conversion Permit

    • Traffic Impact Assessment Report or Traffic Study Report.

    • Memorandum of Survey under the Land Surveyors Act.

    • CWA/CEB bills as proof of supply to any lot

    • Processing fee: For residential/commercial purpose (Up to 8500m2/Rs250, Above 8500m2/Rs500, Above 21000m2/Rs1000 ), For any other purpose: Rs250

    • Morcellement fee: for residential commercial or industrial purpose - Rs10.00/m2, for exclusively agricultural purpose - Rs5.00/m2

Charlie27  (Nivo 1)
09 mars 2017 11:07

pa blier bisin minimum 50 perches par lot kan ou p subdivisé si li ene subdivision agricole

bisin apply morcellement unit au ministere des terre et du logement